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IMDb is the world's most popular and authoritative source for information on entertainment data including movies, TV, and celebrities with a combined web and mobile audience of more than 200 million monthly visitors. IMDb offers licensable datasets of hundreds of millions of data items including:

  • Over 1 billion Star Ratings,

  • 11 million cast and crew members,

  • 9 million movies, TV, and entertainment titles

Our data set also includes all of the essential metadata you need to power your experiences, including posters, plots, genres, credits, release information, company data, keywords, and much more.

Some possible uses for IMDb data could be to:

  • Power content discovery, engagement, and measurement

  • Help assist your customers to make better, more informed entertainment decisions

  • Power and enrich content catalogs to discover new content

  • Create personalized recommendations, search, and other content discovery applications

  • Develop content valuation models, programming insights, and IP analysis


PredictHQ is a demand intelligence company combining real-world events into one global source of truth to help businesses better understand demand and plan for the future.


People Data Labs is focused on democratizing access to world-class B2B information. We empower developers to create innovative and compliant data products, at scale.

People Data Labs builds B2B data. At PDL we know that every company is rapidly transforming to solve problems in a more data-driven and people-driven manner. In order to succeed, companies are forming data departments, pivoting their focus into data acquisition, and doubling down on legal, security, and compliance to protect themselves. For these organizations, clean, rich, and compliant person data is critical and PDL is here to meet that demand.

Today, the PDL platform seeks to enable all companies to build compliant B2B data solutions. Our sole focus is on building the best data available by integrating thousands of compliantly-sourced datasets into a single, developer-friendly source of truth. Use our dataset of 3 billion person profiles and 20 million company profiles to build products, power predictive modeling/AI, and more. We work with technical teams as their engineering-focused data partner.


We are a U.S.-based satellite intelligence company that provides business and government decision-makers access to on-demand analytic solutions. Through our radar satellite network and data fusion expertise, Ursa Space detects real-time changes in the physical world to expand transparency. Our subscription and custom services enable you to access satellite imagery and analytic results with no geographic, political, or weather-related limitations.


Digital is now the most important driver of growth and profitability for just about every business. Similarweb is a platform that gives our customers a true 360-degree view of all digital activity across customers, prospects, partners, and competition. The resulting insights give our customers - who are some of the world's biggest brands - a digital edge that helps them beat their competition and win their markets.


GateHouse Maritime is an industry-leading supplier of data services providing true end-to-end Ocean Visibility. Our customers include several major companies featured in the Gartner® Magic Quadrant for Real-time Transportation Visibility Platforms.

Our data services are built on the OceanIO platform ensuring unmatched data accuracy, predictive events and scalability allowing our customers to grow and expand their offering. The OceanIO Platform is a result of years of dedicated work, gathering historical data from multiple sources, refining the data quality using our IP-based algorithm resulting in data- and prediction accuracy unmatched by any data supplier.

Possible use case:

Customers use our DaaS-offerings to track and predict container movement at sea and in ports. With our data, logistic tech providers or Freight Forwarders can track containers or vessels all over the Globe. In fact, we offer 98% coverage of all container transport worldwide and accurate data from 15+ major carriers.

Our data services include:

  • Container Tracking
  • Vessel Tracking
  • Port Intelligence

 Want to learn how our accurate data will let you achieve true Ocean Visibility?

Try out our data services during the AWS Hackathon event

Have a closer look at our services at https://gatehouse.com/ocean-supply-chain-visibility/


Inca Digital is a digital asset intelligence company that provides data, analytics, and expertise to many of the world's leading exchanges, financial institutions, regulators, and government agencies. We collect market data, blockchain data, and data from news and social media to give a comprehensive view of crypto. We are the only company that provides all of this in one place, in addition to the infrastructure, analytics, and expertise to make sense of it all. At Inca, we believe in a fully-remote work and transparent and asynchronous communication through GitHub. Complete one of our challenges to build your career on some of the most exciting digital assets data projects. 


Intellizence is an AI platform focused on Company and Market Intelligence. Intellizence enables companies with timely and relevant 80+ growth and risk signals curated from various external data sources. Intellizence products include curated company news signals and structured datasets on business events - Mergers & Acquisitions, Startup Funding, Layoff, Business Expansion, and Major Hiring.


Rearc provides consulting services with a strong focus on cloud-native solutions architecture and developer productivity tools.


Unleashing entertainment's most essential data! Luminate Film & TV is the leading data solution that tracks people, projects and companies across entertainment.

Our data, covering over 250 television networks, 4.3 million credits, 100,000 employees and much more, is acquired through first hand research. Additionally, Luminate is the only service that provides TV ratings for broadcast & cable as well as domestic and worldwide box office in film.